Cascet of the Chinese culture in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

We are at the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, where the inhabitants of a country representing a very interesting culture are giving a special gift to the city of Pécs.

The country is no other than China and the gift is a series of musical-dance performances that the representatives of Heilongjiang from the north eastern province of the People's Republic of China present. As if each person in the audience would receive a sacred, beautifully shining, colourful necklace from the ca. 20 members company. However it is better to be careful, as the audience has only two long hours long to wear the jewellery. With the readers permission I won't document the exact number of ornaments, as the sell-out crowd is just enjoying the show.

The necklace is double layered: first, a series of high standard choreographed dance performances, which sometimes enchants the audience through acrobatic elements.

Ten fragile Chinese ladies constantly re-appear in more and more beautiful costumes to show the possible flexibility of the human body, almost beyond their borders. It is marvellous to watch this harmony, as the fans, flowers and scarves are invited to a dance.

In addition to the ladies' dance, they brought two private shows from the Far East: one of them is singer wearing traditional Chinese costumes, whose dance with the several meters long rainbow-colored ribbons fills the vast stage on its own. The other is a man and woman who perform such high-concern-worthy circus elements, such as spinning on each other's heads.

The second layer of the necklace was a sequence of ding-dong music made with different oriental instruments. Among others, performing the Hungarian Dances from Brahms on instruments was a huge success.

After this wonderful evening we hope, that the 'Chinese jewellers' will soon visit our country again and enchant even more treasure hunters.

Hungarian source: UnivPécs magazine