Double celebration in the academic year of 2012-2013

The University of Pécs is proud of its traditions and celebrates the anniversary of its predecessor with a memorial ceremony, exhibition and academic conference.


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Short history of the University of Pécs:

The Hungarian Royal University in Pozsony and the University of Debrecen were founded by the Act No XXXVI of 1912 a hundred years ago. The Hungarian Royal University took the name of Queen Elizabeth, who was extremely popular among Hungarians,  with the permission of Franz Joseph I in November of the same year.

It was the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences that started the first academic year at the University in Pozsony  in the previous building of the Academy of Law on 3 October 1914.  The opening ceremony of the University was held on 19 November 1916, which is the name day of Elizabeth; however, the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and History started only in the second semester of the academic year of 1917-1918 due to the war. Education at the Medical Faculty was launched in September 1918.

The Hungarian higher educational institution closed down on 22-24 September 1919,  after the violent takeover of the Medical Faculty buildings, when buildings, furniture and the enitre library had to be handed over to the Czechoslovak soldiers. The constant harrasment of the occupying forces and the expulsion of the lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine and Humanities forced the lecturers of the University to flee. The decision of the cabinet made on 24 February 1919 had the University of Pozsony and the University of Kolozsvár start operating again in Budapest in the academic year of 1919-1920. It was only the Faculty of Law that remained in Bratislava; however,  its further operation was also terminated  on 20 August 1920.

The University not only celebrates the foundation of the Erzsébet Univeristy in Bratislava with a rich variety of programs, but also the 90th anniversary of the move to Pécs, which was originally planned as a temporary measure due to the border modifications of the Trianon Treaty.

The Act No. XXV of 1921 provided an opportunity for Pécs to host the University of Pozsony. As a result of the common work and sometimes struggle of the bishopric and the city administration, the material, infrastructural and human resource conditions of the operation were created. Following the Serbian occupation and after the opening ceremony of 1 October 1923, an institute with four faculties - including the Lutheran Theological Faculty of Sopron –, which was trying to meet the European standards, was established although there was shortage of abundant opportunities during that period.



Source: http://english.pte.hu/hirek/862