Graduate Career Tracking


The Graduate Career Tracking Programme is a nationwide research project in the framework of which the University of Pécs have launched its own online tracking survey programme for its graduates (who received their diploma or their university leaving certificate one or three years prior to the survey) and enrolled students.


The graduate career tracking programme focuses on two different groups:

Applying the motivational survey the university is able to obtain first-hand information on the job-market and the motivation of its students with respect to higher education: the expectations concerning their studies; their situation at the job market; their strategies for education and placement. Furthermore, the university can also prepare them for future follow-up surveys.


Using the career tracking survey the university would like to get information on their graduate students: what they experienced as job seekers; their strategies; the evaluation of their studies at the University of Pécs. The data received could highlight their motivation concerning higher education.


The leader of the research project is Dr. István Tarrósy PhD.

The project called ’The development of services for students and institutions in higher education’ is supported by and realized within the framework of the Social Renewal Operational Programme (SROP - 4.1.1-08/1-2009-0009). The project is carried out according to the principles of the Central Graduate Career Tracking System (SROP – 4.1.3).