The University is the eternal Youth itself…

Great universities provide a scientific, research and educational foundation upon which great regions are built. They represent a young driving force that triggers innovation at all levels of the society. They enrich the cultural life of the regions and their mission reaches far beyond the realities of everday life. Pécs, the cultural capital of the South-Transdanubian Region, has been home to such an institution since the fourteenth century.

The University of Pécs, one of Hungary's greatest and biggest higher educational institutions offers a wide range of scientific studies. Our duty is - beyond the diverse educational, research and medicinal work we perform - to create common values (using democratic principles) for the more than 29,000 students and 6,000 employees.

Our aim is to make the University's citizens feel the spirit of the Pécs universitas, create a possibility for them to expand their professional knowledge and make sure that they find the goal or value at the University or in the city which may determine their future life.

Once you were a student of the University of Pécs, we hope that the knowledge and the experience obtained here mean a determining and lasting memory to you even today.

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