Dear Alumni members,
please, let me welcome you at the website of the Pécs Alumni Circle.

As an alumni of the University of Pécs you spent a dominant period of your life at one of our campuses and as a citizen of our lively, mediterranean city. So I hope it is not overdrawn if I say that deep in your heart you are still a student of Pécs and maybe time doesn’t pass by without wondering to return to the places of earlier adventures.

On behalf of the leadership of the university I would like to encourage you to return to our city: visit our new campus buildings and discover the Regional Knowledge Centre which has become the biggest library of the region. I also invite those alumni members who have gained their PTE diploma but at different towns: at the former Illyés Gyula Faculty in Szekszárd, or at the local centres of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Kaposvár, Zalaegerszeg and Szombathely.

The connection between the University and our students shall not end after graduation. Above our actual events and study courses we are open to your remarks, suggestions and questions as well.
Keep tabs on our event calendar and revisit us.

I do believe that as a visitor of our websites you will always find at least one post which would inspire you.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Bódis, József
Rector and Professor of the University of Pécs
President of the Pécs Alumni Circle