Honorary diploma

One of our greatest traditions is held at the end of May or at the begining of June. This is the time when we stop for a minute in our rapidly changing world and invite our alumni members for a nice ceremony. Let us remember for the foretime’s beauty and sadness, for those professors, teachers and fellow students who cannot be with us anymore. This is a true reunion, bringing together hundreds of alumni at the heart of Pécs.

Time does fly. Maybe we are not able to follow every single novelty in our world. But the University brings us closer to each other. It connects us through time, borders, generations and historical events as well.

We hope it is a pleasure for you to remember the old coffee shops, the old pubs, the banquets hosted by our University, or when suddenly the parquet squeaks in the silence of the library. Stop for a second and remember your honour-demanding professors. We are guarding their values and instructions through our lives. 


The honorary diploma ceremony has always been a festivity of the University of Pécs. Via this ceremony we celebrate the professions, the repute of alumn students and our graduate student’s high standard technical and artistic preparedness. We would like to pass the happiness of this day on the future generations.

The aim of the Alumni Circle is to mediate these values to the new generations. We are different but all of us represent the same intellectuality regardless of age or profession. We always keep an eye on the value of the University of Pécs which has been left for us. It is our duty to pass it on. Educating the future generations so one day they will also feel the magic of this moment: understanding and feeling the past, present and future of the University of Pécs. 

The Alumni Circle of the University of Pécs gives an Alumni Magazine to the participants as a gift. There is a chance to register on the spot into the Alumni membership program, but you can also download the registration form from the website. After you registered yourself we will give you a card which provides you lots of discounts.

More information on the ceremony:

Lilla Mayer
event organizer

+ 36 72 501-500 / 12121