Membership types

Membership Types
The Pécs Alumni Circle has been established for the alumni and also for the present students, staff and guest professors of the University of Pécs.
You can easily register at our website.

Alumni and staff can choose from two membership types: STANDARD or PREMIUM.
If you are a student of the UP you can also register as a JUNIOR member, which is the same as the STANDARD type.
Both membership types provide you with a great variety of discounts. Please, see the list of partners by clicking on this link.
Membership types and services  Membership fee  
Standard membership:  
What you will receive:
  • Membership card
  • Online newsletter (monthly)
Premium membership:
Min. 10.000 HUF/year:
  • 6000 HUF for the Alumni Circle
  • min. 4000 HUF for the Faculty you choose to support
What you will receive:
  • Membership card
  • Online newsletter, plus:
  • Alumni Magazine,
  • UnivPécs Magazines,
  • magazines of the faculty of your choice
sent to your address!