Alumni Academy

Alumni Academy – We provide you experience among knowledge.

In the context of the Alumni Academy project we organize lectures, courses, trainings and colorful cultural events as well. 

Our previous programs:
  • Alumni Academy started a course in the fall semester of 2013/2014 named Carrier-coaching which started with full headcount (20 people). It was a test course and started in the next year as well. The aim of this course is that students get to know the manner of coaching, the self-recognitional and motivational activities. It helps them discover different value systems and they get information about the opportunities in the labour market.
  • Alumni Academy organized a trip to the budapesti Vígszínház on the 9th of May 2015. This events was really successful. There was so many positive feedback:
„I’m thankful for this unforgottable experience, it was a really pleasing disappointment. I support the proposal so there should be trips like this in the future.”

„....if you organize another theatre program to Budapest further on (what I hope so), I really love to get a notification of it!”