University Ring

This is not just a ring. More than it. Valuable and illustrious. Does it make you happy? Well… we do not really know that… there is another ring for that… This is the reason why we wear university ring on our middle finger and not on the ring finger. And to top it all, its style and form combining round and angular shapes makes it wearable to men and women, too. Unisex and unique. This is our ring, the ring of the students of the University of Pécs. We do not buy it for anyone else as a present, we want it for ourselves. And it has a story, too…

Although our University is a higly colourful and diverse educational and research institute, there is a piece of jewellery which is able to represent this unique atmosphere. Yes, it is our Ring… We wear it proudly to show that we have graduated from University of Pécs.

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