University Ring

This is not just a ring. More than it. Valuable and ennobling. Does it make you happy? We do not know… there is another ring for that… This is the reason why we wear it on the middle finger, not on the ring finger. And to top it all, the style and the form of it: the roundity and the angularity makes it wearable to men and women. Unisex and unique. This is our ring, the students’ of the University of Pécs. We do not buy it to anyone else for a present, we want it for ourselves. Now it has a story…

In 2000 the University made an inviting application to make the University Ring… By this time Peter Vladimir, who founded the Wladis Gallery, bend to the task. He made a plan and drawing, get acquainted with the intelectuality of the University. And a miracle happened! The Munkácsy-awarded artist made a monument work: the University Ring for the PTE. This is the legend: UnivPécs. Is it familiar? We guess everybody knows the university's newspaper: UnivPécs.

Although our University is very colourful and widespread educational and research institute, even so we can find a real jewellery which can join together this boundless atmosphere. Yes, it is our Ring… We wear it proud to show we graduated at University of Pécs.

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