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One of the most popular campus credits open to all students of the university is the JESZ Practical Course on the Fundamentals of Stage Existence (Színpadi létezés alapjai – in Neptun), which has been launched in English in 2023 and which will give all interested students a behind-the-scenes look at theatre on 6 May.

The course, which is already open to foreign students, will be held by Janus University Theatre (JESZ) artists, Orsolya Hollósi and Henrik Nagy, who will give a sneak peek at what goes on behind the curtains. The sessions will create an intimate space where people can freely think, talk and ask questions about theatre. The course typically takes place on Mondays from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM at the JESZ.

See you on the 6th of May at 5:00 PM!