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The International Seasons will offer a number of lectures and interesting programmes in Hungarian and English again this year. Some of the programmes organised by the International Centre of UP, which will take place throughout the academic year, can be followed live on the series' Facebook page, where you can find a detailed list of events, as well as further information, interesting facts, and news

5 April, 18:00 | India, the giant dwarf
House of Arts and Literature (Széchenyi Square 7-8.)

Lecture by Dr Zoltán Wilhelm, Associate Professor (UP FS Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences - Department of Political Geography, Development and Regional Studies)

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10 April, 14:00 | German Day
UP FH, Building "A", Room 430 (Ifjúság Street 6.)

The Institute of German Studies welcomes everyone to the German Day on April 10, 2024. Lectures, round table discussions, games, a writer-reader meeting, German, Austrian and Hungarian guests are welcome. Good music and snacks will ensure a pleasant evening.

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17. April 14:00 | From a Whistle to a Scream: Race and Racism in Modern American Politics 
University of Pécs Faculty of Humanities "B" 402 (Ifjúság St. 6.)

Lecture by Prof. Chris Danielson (Montana Technological University)

Race and racial appeals have been a common feature of American politics and political campaigns since its founding. Since the African-American civil rights movement in the 1960s, overtly racist appeals have declined and been replaced by more subtle racial appeals to white voters. These 'dog whistles' became a regular feature of both parties, although the Republican Party made the heaviest use of them. Yet the rise of Trump has upended this and stripped the subtlety from these racial appeals. This lecture examines that shift, and how the undemocratic nature of the American political system has enabled this process even as the United States of America becomes a more racially and ethnically diverse country. 

Prof. Chris Danielson is a specialist in the civil rights movement and modern American politics. A native of Houston, Texas, he received his BA and MA from the University of Houston, and his PhD from the University of Mississippi. He is the author of two books, After Freedom Summer: How Race Realigned Mississippi Politics, 1965-1986 and The Color of Politics: Racism in the American Political Arena Today, as well as several articles and book chapters. He is a professor of history at Montana Technological University on Butte, Montana, and is currently a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Pecs in Hungary.

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18 April, 18:00 | 30 years after the genocie: Ruanda, Africa’s "wonderland"?
House of Arts and Literature (Széchenyi Square 7-8.)

Lecture by Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy, Professor (Department of Political Science and International Studies, UP FH)

Joint programme of the Vagabond World Travel Club and UP International Seasons.

The next lecture of the Africa Free University will look at the developmental arc of Rwanda in East Central Africa in the context of the 30th anniversary of the genocide in the spring of 1994. Using authentic field photos, several dimensions of the Rwandan reconstruction model will be illustrated, including reconciliation, women's political empowerment and the involvement of external actors, especially China, in (re)positioning the country in a global sense.

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22 April, 17:00 | "Life along the roads" – The realities of everyday life in Africa
UP FH/FS Main Hall (Ifjúság Street 6.)

Africa-themed solo exhibition of Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy, an African Studies expert.

In 2000, Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy visited Africa for the first time, spending several weeks in Tanzania and Egypt. The experience of being immersed in the everyday realities of sub-Saharan and North African life left a profound impact on him. From that moment on, he felt a strong connection to Africa, as many other travelers before him had also experienced and described as the 'Africa bug'. Since 2000, Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy has been focusing on Africa, conducting research, writing, and teaching about the continent. His research primarily examines sub-Saharan African countries, issues, and processes, which he supports with field research.

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23 April, 18:00 | We went, we saw, we returned
House of Arts and Literature (Széchenyi Square 7-8.)

Roundtable discussion with the UP team: Dr Tibor Gonda, István Szász and Zoltán Barnaki
Discussion partners: Zoltán Győrffy, Director of Public Relations Centre at UP and Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy, Director of International Centre at UP

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24 April, 18:00 | Book review and Africa Eve
Nappali Bár (Király Street 23-25)

Pebbles and Diamonds - Mutombo France book launch
The stories and events contained in the book are stones left over from the sieve of memory, some of which - even from a Hungarian perspective - are colourful, interesting, exotic pebbles; from them, step by step, shine out the special turns, important people, and destiny-defining choices that the past 27 years have crystallised into diamonds. Together they make up a text that, in its fragmented and incomplete nature, has become a complete and exciting life story, to the delight of the reader." The book launch will be followed by a cultural programme by African students of the University of Pécs.

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25 April, 10:00 – 17:00 | The ongoing Russian war in Ukraine and its political, economic, and social consequences across the African continent.
UP Szentágothai Research Centre (Ifjúság Street 20.)

Hosted by: University of Pécs, Africa Research Centre and International Centre
Central topic: The ongoing Russian war in Ukraine and its political, economic, and social consequences across the African continent.
AEGIS CRG "Africa in the World" Symposium

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