New Website, New Opportunities: the MagyarOK Textbook Family



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MagyarOK launches Institute for Model-Based Language Learning, transforming its website to offer enhanced language education tools and resources. Users can explore interactive exercises and audiovisual materials while providing feedback for continual improvement.

The MagyarOK textbook family website has been updated and moved to a new home! In addition to the usual content, the new site offers a number of new features in a new, more spacious interface. The new site is called the Institute for Model-Based Language Learning, which has been operating successfully since 2022 and is now available online for anyone interested.

The MagyarOK has been a leading player in the teaching of the Hungarian language for many years. It offers a wide range of textbooks and online content for anyone learning or teaching Hungarian. The materials are compiled by experienced language teachers and experts to provide learners with the best quality and effectiveness.


The textbook family has exceptionally rich content, ranging from beginner to advanced level. In addition to textbooks, workbooks and online courses, users are provided with interactive exercises, audio materials, videos and other learning tools. This content is flexible and adaptable to learners' needs and learning styles so that everyone can find the right way to learn a language.

The update of the MagyarOK textbook family website and the transition to the Institute will create new opportunities for both learners and teachers. The new, expanded content and features make learning and teaching Hungarian even more effective and enjoyable.


During the transition period,

both and will be available simultaneously,

and after a while only will remain active. The new website will make it easier to find audiovisual material and additional content libraries that can help language learning or teaching.

Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new platform and look for content and tools that can help them learn languages. The developers welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments to make the Institute's online platform even better.

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