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Either you have just graduated at a Hungarian university or studied in Hungary previously, you do not need to lose connection with the country, your alma mater and your friends here. By becoming a member of Alumni Network Hungary, you will be part of an exciting community of professionals from all around the world and can enjoy the benefits of the network.

Alumni Network Hungary is a platform operated by Tempus Public Foundation that supports current and formal international students to make the most out of their Hungarian studies and experience. The site helps members to build their professional network and provides various services that will help them in their further education and career. Let’s see what’s in it for you!

Connections are key either when you are looking for a job or you launch your own business. By joining the network, you will have access to a database of more than 4000 international alumni graduated at all Hungarian universities on Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Either you are looking for a potential partner with a specific skillset for your new start-up, or a professional for your research, or just simply want to get to know people who share the same Hungarian experience, the network will help you to find connections.

In this international community, you can also use the alumni services of the platform: as a member, you can read articles from the Hungarian scientific, cultural and professional world and news from our universities, and you will also find inspiring interviews, blog posts and success stories. The services include our exclusive Alumni Hungary Webinar series in which world-famous Hungarian scientists, artists and professionals give inspiring presentations and talk about their latest research and innovations.

Your connections gained at the university years are important in your career, so maintain them once you finished your studies as well. Hungary can be the place for your further studies, research and also for building business connections later on, so it is worth maintaining this relation.

Join Alumni Network Hungary and stay connected!

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