Why become a biomedical engineer?



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Biomedical engineers will be leaders in the future because they possess the technological tools and knowledge required to create new, transformative innovations that transcend the limitation of today’s world and bring about change.

Biomedical engineers work with cutting-edge technologies to answer the most complicated questions about human life.

They can improve the quality of human life and health, develope more efficient medications, create tools for innovation and scientific discoveries, and harness the power of bilogical processes.

Biomedical engineering is one of the up-and-coming fields of research and innovation, encompassing physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT and engineering in order to analyse and solve biological, medical, behavioural and health problems.

Biomedical enginners develope innovative tools and processes to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Their activities are based on the deep understanding of science and engineering, combined with advanced knowledge of physiological and anatomical systems.

Biomedical engineers identify humanity’s most urgent problems using the interdisciplinary fields of biology, engineering and medical science. From the wheelchair helping the elderly stay mobile to the painkillers in our medicine cabinets and the imaging tools crucial in modern medicine, such tools and technologies are developed by biomedical engineers, which are important parts our everyday lives.

Biomedical enginners strive to solve how the most complex biological systems work, developing innovative tools such as protheses and imaging machines to impove medical care. They work on improving healthcare processes, such as developing new pharmacological therapies, and they design and build artificial organs and limbs to replace lost tissue. They are also tasked with the creation of further develpoment of therapy tools for rehabilitation.

Through designing new technologies, developing of new patient care methods and studying biological

processes, biomedical engineers focus on improving people’s overall living conditions and health.

Be part of the future training in Pécs!

The MSc Biomedical Engineering programme will start in september 2021.

Location of the training:

University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Institute of Information and Electrical Technology

Boszorkány Street 2

H-7624 Pécs, Hungary


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